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Raffeiner & G

Dispensing system accessories from the professionals for breweries and public houses

Since 1978 our firm has been successfully producing drip trays and dispensing towers for dispensing beverages. Over time the range has been expanded to include beer taps in stainless steel. With our modern machinery pool, which comprises a CNC plate processing centre, CNC press brakes and CNC lathes, we are able to manufacture sheet metal and turned parts in a wide range of materials.

The inventive talents of Richard and Johann Raffeiner continue to bring new innovations to life. It is our qualified employees themselves, who make decisive adjustments to our modern machinery pool. We are constantly expanding our range of products to meet the changing demands of the dispensing system constructors and breweries. Therefore, we offer taps for various beverages, such as beer, lemonade, wine and mulled wine and other foam beverages. Our customers value our high quality standards and our range of individual solutions.

Head Office in Naturno

Johann und Richard Raffeiner
                                                                                                                                                                  Johann und Richard  

The Brauerei Forst, Brauerei Stiegl und Warsteiner breweries... we include many prestigious, international breweries and dispensing system constructors among our customers.
Other distinguished customers
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